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SUHAYLAkids: Online Muslim Children’s Store « Directory – Ask Nanima

SUHAYLAkids: Online Muslim Children’s Store


SUHAYLAkids: Online Muslim Children's Store

Full Description


SUHAYLAkids, is South Africa’s most comprehensive online store of Muslim children’s books, toys, games, dolls, musallahs (prayer mats) and other lifestyle products.

We offer a very wide selection of highly acclaimed books, innovative toys and games, handmade prayer mats as well as other lifestyle products for mini Muslims.

Our products make for the perfect gift for Ramadaan, eid, birthdays or any other special occasions.

We offer nationwide door-to-door shipping for a nominal fee, alternatively, orders can be collected from our collection point in Norwood, Johannesburg.

Orders can be paid for with a credit card via our secure and reliable payment gateway or via EFT during the checkout process.

Website: www.suhaylakids.co.za
Email: info@suhaylakids.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/suhaylakids/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/suhaylakids/