Waheeda Bux Clinical Psychologist-Peace of Mind


Waheeda Bux Clinical Psychologist-Peace of Mind

Full Description

Waheeda Bux is a Clinical Psychologist offering individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and psychological assessments for adults, adolescents and children.

Waheeda is based in Umhlanga, Durban. She has professional training in the field of psychology and practices with an aim to help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health problems.

Waheeda has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology (University of KwaZulu Natal). She is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Health Care Funders (BHF). She has undergone training in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of psychopathology including short-term and long-term individual and group psychotherapy for both in-patients and out-patients.

She has extensive training and special interest in trauma, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, spinal rehabilitation, recuperation of chronic patients and forensic psychology. Her interest also extends into couples counselling and family therapy.

Waheeda has considerable experience in working with children and adolescents with developmental and behavioural disorders. She utilises therapeutic approaches such as play therapy, behavioural modification, cognitive-behavioural therapy and narrative therapy.

Additionally, she has completed an internship program in Trauma Counselling and an HIV/AIDS Counselling course. Waheeda also been trained in various cognitive/IQ and behavioural/developmental assessments (i.e. ADHD/Autism).

Waheeda offers the following services for adults (individuals, couples, families or groups):
• Trauma
• Grief/Bereavement counselling
• Mood disorders
• Anxiety disorders
• Personality disorders
• Substance-Related disorders
• Eating disorders
• Impulse control disorders and Anger management
• Adjustment disorders
• HIV/AIDS counselling
• Family therapy/ relational difficulties
• Pre and Post Marriage counselling
• Couples/Relationship counselling
• Self-esteem and self-concept improvement counselling
• Parent management counselling
• Stress management and performance anxiety
• Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) rehabilitation and psychotherapy
• Coping with Chronic illnesses and recovery
• Corporate psychology

Waheeda offers the following services for adolescents and children (individual therapy or group therapy):

• Trauma and Bereavement counselling
• Behavioural disorders (i.e. ADHD)
• Adjustment disorders
• Developmental disorders (i.e. Autism)
• Anger management
• Family therapy/ relational difficulties
• Parent-child relational difficulties
• Attachment difficulties
• Anxiety/Fears/Phobias
• Social and peer relational problems
• Schooling difficulties
• Self-esteem and self-concept improvement counselling
• Adjustment difficulties (i.e. divorce, new sibling, relocation)
• Stress management (i.e. exam stress, performance anxiety)

Waheeda offers psychological assessments for adults, adolescents and children in the following areas:
• Personality assessments
• Emotional functioning assessments
• Projective psychological assessments
• Cognitive assessments (i.e. IQ) and Behavioural assessments (i.e. ADHD/ODD)
• Developmental disorder assessments (i.e. Autism)
• Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation) assessments
• Neuropsychological assessment
• Forensic/Medico-legal psychological assessments


Telephone number

081 5068791

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Shop No.2, The Sentinel, Equinox Road, Umhlanga