South Africa

  • DoughMagic


    Cut and bake biscuit rolls

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    Easy to cut, frozen biscuit dough.
  • Laser, skin and wellness studio

    Laser, skin and wellness studio

    Brings you the state of the art laser for all your one stop aesthetic needs.

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    Brings you the state of the art laser for all your one stop aesthetic needs. Multi-technology with 5 in 1 shape & smoothening laser for body shaping & contouring, body circumference reduction, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, dark rings & eye bags treatment. LASER FOR: Hair removal, Acne clearance & Broad Band Light Photo Skin Rejuvenation. LASER FOR: Teeth Whitening from Europe. Peroxide free, 100% herbal once off treatment. No side effects. Excellent for children also. POLARISED LIGHT THERAPY: Healing of Diabetic wounds, shingles, eczema, psorisis, varicose veins, insomnia, glaucoma - speeds up healing 3 times faster.
  • Ghee for sale

    Ghee for sale


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  • Bows and Buttons Baby linen

    Bows and Buttons Baby linen

    exquisite exclusive customised beautiful baby linen

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    For all and any customised baby linen requirements call 0815574364 Lenasia based
  • Semelia Fat Burner

    Semelia Fat Burner

    weight loss, Natural fat Burner, burn fat, lose weight

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    Semelia Fat Burner helps you to lose weight effortlessly and naturally, Reduce weight and body measurements while you sleep! No more harmful diet pills.
  • The Great EsCake

    The Great EsCake

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    Home bakery situated in Kensington (soon to move to Lenasia). We offer everything from home cooked meals, finger foods, desserts and cakes for any occasion. We do baking and cooking lessons as well, we are strictly halaal. We also do table setting for any event.
  • M!ss Wiss Make-over Studio

    M!ss Wiss Make-over Studio

    Irresistibly Different

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    It combines the art of professional makeup with the elegance and fast forward fashion to give the client a complete look from head to toe.
  • Slumber nights sleepwear

    Slumber nights sleepwear

    Get lost in your dreams

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    We supply sleepwear for the entire family
  • Brilliant Bakes Benoni

    Brilliant Bakes Benoni

    Innovative home bakery

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    Brilliant Bakes Benoni. An innovative Home Bakery. By order only. Specializing in a selection of quality patisserie and baked delicacies. Check us out on instagram: @brilliant_bakes1
  • Petit Patisserie

    Petit Patisserie

    Blissfull Bites for all Ocassions

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    Specializing in Mini Desserts, Cupcakes for every ocassion. Based in Sandton.