• Happy Hour

    Happy Hour

    Relationship and Divorce support

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    A separation or a divorce can be overwhelming and devastating. Life as you knew it is torn apart and you need support from others. Most people are unprepared for the emotional turmoil, mental anguish and practical side of breakups or divorce.
  • Funky Labels

    Funky Labels

    The original and best since 2008...

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    Personalised Labels for everyone and everything! Label yours and your kid's stuff with the highest quality, funkiest labels around!
  • Funky Labels

    Funky Labels

    Personalized Labels for everyone and everything!

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    Label yours and your kid's stuff with the highest quality, funkiest labels around! -Name Labels (ideal for stationery and kitchenware) -Shoe Labels -Clothing Labels -Gift Labels -Personalized gift Ribbon -Spice Labels -Savoury Labels -Nametags -Teacher Reward Stickers
  • Kirby Vaccumming & Cleaning Services

    Kirby Vaccumming & Cleaning Services

    Kirby Vaccumming & Cleaning Services

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    Kirby Vaccuming & Cleaning Services -stain removal & deep clean -de mite upholstery & removes odours Allow our team to completely clean & santise ur home. Fact: Every person sheds an average of 4.5 kilograms of skin per year on sofas and beds. This leaves an average of 8 litres of sweat on the area. This produces the ideal environment for dust mites & bacteria to live & breed. These dust mites leave behind droppings which attract bacteria- all of this combines to create a very unhealthy & highly allergic sleeping environment. Bathrooms: Does ur shower & bathtub have discoloured stains? Turn ur bathroom into the sanctuary it was when it was brand new. -Removal of stains caused by daily use -Cleaning of grouting -Illuminate bacteria
  • Web & Graphic Design

    Web & Graphic Design

    websites and graphic design

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    The most affordable website done to suit your pocket
  • baby mu'min

    baby mu’min

    islambaby memory book

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    Baby mu'min is a high quality baby memory book especially designed for a Muslim baby with unique pages that tells your baby's story
  • Delicious Labels

    Delicious Labels

    just stick it on

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    Tired of your tupperwares not coming back? Or your kids stationery going missing? Delicious Labels now makes life hassle free. Just stick it on... saves time and money and comes in a range of funky brands and designs for kids and for the kitchen. Place your orders now.
  • Homeschool Jhb

    Homeschool Jhb

    Homeschooling in Jhb South

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    Applications are open for 2015: Grades 1,2 and 3
  • The Gentleman's Beard Oil

    The Gentleman’s Beard Oil

    R129 - Soften your beard with Moroccan Argan Oil

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    FACT: Men do not care for their beards. Introducing The Gentleman's Beard Oil, a product used for treat and soften beard follicles.
  • Hibah Agent - Lenasia

    Hibah Agent – Lenasia

    Hibah Islamic Products

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    Hibah is a collection of Islamic clothing, accessories, perfumes, literature, gadgets and gifts